OIAA Windsor Chapter

Is Backed By An A-List Team Of Industry Partners

From restoration companies, rehabilitation clinics, lawyers, engineers, hotel chains and auto service centers. OIAA Windsor Chapter has a long history of great industry partner relationships. Let our relationships be a resource to you when looking for that perfect vendor.

Accounting Services

Income statements can be daunting, tax forms, employee data, end of month slips, what’s needed and what’s not? Business interruption can be complicated, but not for our forensic accountant industry partners.

Accounting Profiles

Auto Collision Repair

Have an auto accident? Fender bender? Or just need regular maintenance on your car, truck or SUV? Let one of our industry trusted companies help you in your time of need. They are trusted, professional and know the importance of getting you back on the road.

Auto Repair Profiles

Car Rentals

We have busy lives, with the kids hockey practice, groceries, commuting to work or just visiting the parents on the weekend. Having your vehicle out of commission is difficult. Let one of our industry trusted rental car companies help you take care of that for you.

Car Rental Profiles

Cleaning Services

In our industry, cleaning is a very broad term. If you are looking for a company to clean your contents, electronics, or your house you can trust our industry partners.

Cleaning Profiles


Older home? Mould issues? Need an air quality test, or have an old oil tank? Our trusted industry partners can help! With a countless amount of qualifications to handle any job from large to small.

Environmental Profiles

Engineering Services

Having a loss is stressful, not having a good engineer can be even more stressful. Avoid the issues and with building inspectors and code inspections with one of our qualified trusted industry Engineers.

Engineering Profiles

Flooring Services

Almost every property claim involves a floor. Every day you will step on or see that floor, its important to pick professions that can not only quantify your flooring value properly but that can meet our every evolving expectations when it comes to quality. Trust one of our flooring industry partners.

Flooring Profiles


Having a loss where you cannot stay in your own home is very stressful. Let our trusted industry hotels take away that stress, even if a short period.

Hotel Profiles

House Rentals

Going to be out of the home for a while due to loss? A Hotel is just not going to work for you or your family? We understand, please review our trusted industry house rentals to see if they meet your needs.

House Rental Profiles

Investigation Services

Sometimes we need to review things a little closer. If you need help in that review our investigation services industry partners are the ones that you want to contact.

Investigation Profiles

Large Loss / Home Builders

Large losses to our homes happen, these vendors can help. There is enough work to be completed on these claims, let these vendors help.

Large Loss/Home Builders Profiles

Legal Services

As much as we like to avoid disputes that are beyond resolution, sometimes they are unavoidable. Having a trusted legal team in your corner is important, let one of our industry trusted legal teams help.

Legal Profiles

Mechanical (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC) Services

Whether is plumbing, electrical, or HVAC, if you need a service company for your claim or just everyday needs you can trust our industry partners to delivery on professional service.

Mechanical Profiles

Rehabilitation Services

When it comes to your recovery it is important that you are getting the right advise, the right treatment and the honest information so that you can move forward. Review our trusted rehabilitation industry partners.

Rehabilitation Profiles

Restoration Services

Having a home claim can be scary, and stressful, trust one of our industry IICRC restoration companies to not only provide you with emergency services to prevent further damages, but to provide restoration services to put you back together again.

Restoration Profiles

Roofing Services

The home is the biggest investment of our lives, you need to make sure you protect your investment by trusting your roofing work to a professionals. Review our roofing industry partners for your roofing needs.

Roofing Profiles

Site Security

Have a loss where your home, residential property or commercial property is left unsecure? Our site security companies can help, they have reps ready to help throughout the province and know the importance of protecting your investment and integrity of the scene and evidence.

Site Security Profiles

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