Welcome to the Windsor Chapter of the OIAA year in review for 2019 & preview for 2020. Our chapter in 2018/2019 raised $10,772.40 that resulted in us assisting four deserving charities/organizations that sorely needed funding, as well as two non-profit Insurance organizations/boards. This level of benevolence is very inspiring to say the least as it is amongst (or higher) than some other OIAA chapters in the province who have twice the amount of executive members and twice the amount of social members! And, yes folks this is a challenge amongst the other 10 chapters in Ontario. This says all you need to know about the amazing folks in this region of South-west Ontario. Our executive board is loaded with a real team atmosphere, endless energy and the level of organization & execution that makes us all proud. The word “team” is overused in our industry on many levels, but not in this case. Our “starting lineup” is our Past President, ridiculous Rob Queen, the vice president & website witch, gregarious Greg Steed, our top shelf talented, treasurer Tena Allen, our secretary and magnanimous Melissa Robb, and our “C.R. J.O. J.M.” That refers to our three terrific executive directors- (Crazy) Chris Renaud, (JO) Jennifer Olson and (Jen Jen) Jennifer Morneau.   Boom drop the Mike! (as in yours truly,  this year’s President)

I would like to pay homage to a couple of beauty past Presidents who along with myself, have lead this chapter for the past 15 years.  The incomparable Bill Humphrey and Rob Queen.   I could tell “Humper “stories but I would require at least 18 more pages to do him true justice.  A classic line I recall Rob said to me as incoming President at our first function of the OIAA year as emcee, was…”Hoff, I can’t do this, I’m melting down right now!” He is about to address the room, so I brought him an adult beverage as I noticed he was awfully pale, sweating quite profusely, and his transition lens glasses were fogged up for some random reason. I said, “You have to bro, I was out really late last night at a hockey game and I semi whispered, “I have laryngitis”.  Rob started out with some borderline inappropriate jokes and then totally found his groove, and never looked back.    Thank you Bill and Rob!

With a non-profit organization such as the OIAA, we undoubtedly count on our amazing industry partners to make our events successful (see our website for some of the many companies who help make our events so successful.) Thank you to each one of you!

Please recall it is social membership renewal time, so you will hear from an executive board member in the very near future.

Our upcoming events for 2019/2020 are as follows. On November 6, 2019, our fall educational seminar will take place. On December 13, 2019, our annual Christmas luncheon will foster many cheers amongst our friends and colleagues.  On January 16, 2020, you will witness the annual Windsor adjusters vs. Industry partners hockey matchup at the WFCU. Our Chili cook-off takes place on February 13, 2020. Please keep April 30, 2020 blocked off, as we will host our yearly gala event. Our golf tournament will be hosted at Ambassador Golf Club on July 16, 2020.

Our executive team will continue to provide our chapter members a great experience at each event that you attend. If you want to make any suggestions/comments etc at all, please visit our website https://oiaawindsor.ca/       

Mike Hoffman President – Windsor Chapter